Advancing the science of what's next in oncology and hematology.


ADAPTIR™ Technology

Modular and Flexible

  • Demonstrated ability to produce monospecific and bispecific drug candidates
  • Leverages IgG1 Fc to form homodimeric bispecific molecules
  • IgG1-derived Fc can be mutated to ablate effector functions antibody-dependent cellcytotoxicity (ADCC) and complementdependent cytotoxicity (CDC), while maintaining original stability and half-life (confirmed by cell binding, cell function, SPRbased measurements of affinity, melting temperature) and good pharmaco-kinetic properties in preclinical studies
  • Binding domains are engineered from IgG variable regions, fragment libraries, receptors or ligands
  • Optimized to minimize proteolytic cleavage and post-translational modifications

Antibody-like Half-Life and Production Processes

  • Demonstrated half-life up to 12.5 days in rodents
  • Standard manufacturing process with high yields and purity, demonstrated with multiple clinical candidates

Multiple Mechanisms of Action Demonstrated in Preclinical Studies

  • Redirected T-Cell Cytotoxicity (RTCC)
  • Co-stimulation of immune receptors to activate immune responses
  • Targeted cytokine delivery

Current Pipeline Candidates using ADAPTIR Technology:

  • APVO436 (CD123 x CD3): Clinical candidate for the treatment of AML, MDS
  • ALG.APV-527 (41BB x 5T4): Preclinical candidate, planned to advance into clinic for the treatment of solid tumors expressing 5T4
  • APVO603 (41BB x OX40): Preclinical candidate that actives two costimulatory receptors on immune cells for the treatment of multiple solid tumor indications